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PUBG Lite will be closed soon 2022 !!

PUBG Lite – which enables players with low-cost PCs to fight for a chicken dinner – will be closed at the end of the month and this is for PC only and not for mobile devices. PUBG Lite for mobile devices will continue to work.


In a statement, the development team said that while they hoped the game provided a “fun way to stay safe” during “the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic,” it was time to shut down the free game. Play the project. He did not give a reason for the closure.


The service is scheduled to end on August 29, 2021.

“We are so grateful for the passion and support from the incredible number of PUBG Lite fans who have been with us,” a statement on the official website explains. “During the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that PUBG Lite will be able to provide our fans with a fun way to stay safe.

“Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to close the service after much deliberation and it is time for our journey to end. We are sadly informing you that the PUBG Lite service is due to end on April 29, 2021 (UTC).

The statement further states that players will be able to continue playing the game and spending game credits as normal, “including the L-COIN you already have,” until the time of termination.

ICYMI, the latest update to PUBG, has added a Metal Gear Solid 5-style Fulton extraction system that allows you and your teammates to redeploy elsewhere on the map. This new feature comes as part of Patch 11.1 which also reintroduces the new and improved Paramo map along with updates to the medal system.

A new “PUBG related” game is said to be set for PC and consoles. According to a report, there are plans to release another game in the PUBG universe “by next year” on PC and consoles. In a Bloomberg interview with Krafton CEO Kim Chang-Han, other PUBG projects were mentioned as well, including a “new mobile battle royale title” based on PUBG slated for release this year.

PUBG has been a huge success since its first launch in 2017, selling over 70 million copies on PC and consoles.

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