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ZachXBT impersonators on the prowl for potential victims: Report

Michael Khekoian, an executive at Wallet Guard, told Cointelegraph that numerous fraudulent

accounts have surfaced after ZachXBT deactivated his account.

Reports are circulating on social media of multiple accounts posing as prominent blockchain

investigator ZachXBT, known for publicly exposing fraudulent cryptocurrency projects,

following the deactivation of his official account.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Michael Khekoian, partnership director at Web3 security firm Wallet

Guard, pointed out to his 12,700 followers that the prominent blockchain investigator is being impersonated to scam people.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Khekoian clarified that following the deactivation of the official ZachXBT profile today, several fraudulent accounts emerged.

β€œIn the case of ZachXBT, multiple accounts currently exist that mimic his display name,

and use the pre-tense of helping the user in order to manipulate an already unfortunate situation to their advantage.”

He additionally cautioned users to remain vigilant, emphasizing that numerous accounts imitating

popular profiles such as ZachXBT frequently aim to deceive users by enticing them to click on phishing links and engage with scams.

On X, a user using the name ‘Nathan.eth’ posted a screenshot on Telegram,

asserting that ZachXBT had deactivated his account for an “unspecified amount of time.”