How do you earn from uploading files? Best Site - DeviceFile

How do you earn from uploading files? Best Site

How do you earn from uploading files?

How to profit from uploading files 2022 with steps and links, the field of profit from uploading files is one of the most important and easy areas that have proven very effective in making money from the Internet during recent periods.

The method of profit depends on downloading the file on one of the specialized sites, which in turn pays the user for each download made on his files, and we will review in this article through the Money Makers website how to profit from uploading files 2022 with reliable steps and links.

Important steps to take before you start uploading files

There are a set of steps that must be followed before starting the field of uploading files on the Internet in order to achieve a high percentage of profits, and the most important of these steps are as follows:

  • Make sure to choose the number field by requesting your perfume.
  • Register in the ranks of the sites to upload files.
  • Make space on your phone or computer for downloading and uploading files, so they are organized.

Types of files that can be uploaded

Mostly all types of files are suitable for uploading video files, torrent files and mega, but before starting to upload these files, you must be careful in some things, which are as follows:

  • Be careful to follow the policies of using the sites, in order not to be exposed to a legal violation.
  • Avoid uploading illegal files, viruses or malicious programs.
  • Determine the target market and users, and know the files required to start raising them in order to achieve profits.

Profit rates for each 1000 downloads of your files

Tier / Length 0-10 MB 10-100 MB 100-* MB
Tier 1 $7 $7 $7
Tier 2 $4 $4 $4
Tier 3 $4 $4 $4
Tier 4 $3 $3 $3
Country Groups
Tier 1
United States, Canada
Tier 3
Russian Federation, Ukraine
Tier 2
Germany, France, United Kingdom
Tier 4
Other countries

How to get files to uploads

There are a number of ways that you can write in the following: A group of files to be uploaded to sites specialized in this field,

  • There are a number of ways that you can write in the following: A group of files to be uploaded to sites specialized in this field,
  • Make a small opinion poll among family members, friends, or co-workers of both sexes.
  • Access to the large and famous forums, where millions of people meet on the Internet to discuss in e-mail they are interested in, and the files they need.
  • Do a search on search engines, in order to get other ideas for the files that Internet users need.
  • Good follow-up to everything new in the world of computers and the Internet, to provide the right thing to the user at the right time he needs, which varies from time to time.

How to get visitors profit for example

There are many ideas that can be relied upon in marketing the download links for user files, in order to obtain a good level of profit from file upload sites, and the most important of these ideas are as follows:

1- Social networking sites

  • Social media sources, especially the source of the largest number of visitors, to market files and profit from them.
  • This is done by creating special channels on the site to market download links, through which the links are downloaded to attract the largest possible number of visitors.

2- Forums

  • Forums are an ideal place to market your users’ uploads, due to the fact that they are very engaging from your visitors.
  • Through these links, which follow this method, they follow this method in which some things are relinquished, which are as follows:
  • Not to intrude on forum participants.
  • Choosing the right place The right link in an interactive framework with other members.

3- Create a blog or website

  • These methods are more ways to get more ways.
  • This method depends on creating a free website or blog, in which an introduction is written on a specific topic, and in the end the user’s download link is placed.

XFileSharing Features

  • Max upload file size
  • Storage space
  • Download volume
  • Remote URL upload
  • Download-Accelerators support
  • Downloads resume
  • No downloads delay
  • No downloads captcha
  • No Advertisements
  • When are your files deleted?


  • 10 Mb
  • 5 GB in 3 days
  • 5 days after last download


  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 24 GB in 3 days
  • Never


  • 100 Mb
  • 10 GB
  • 10 GB in 3 days
  • 60 days after last download

How to profit from uploading files 2022 with steps and links ( )

There are a large number of sites specialized in uploading files, viewing that can be relied upon to achieve a high percentage of profits, and the best and best of these sites are as follows:

To learn more details about the best file upload sites, read this topic: The best file upload sites and profit from them 3upload

About the best site for upload file :  ( )

This site is one of the most important sites for profit from uploading files, which provides users with the possibility to obtain a membership that enables them to profit from files and share them with friends, and this site is characterized by many advantages represented in the following:-

The site supports a large number of languages, which makes it easy to use for all fairs around the world.

The site provides more than one way to withdraw earnings, so that the user can choose the one that suits him among them.

Ease of use and speed in making profits.

The minimum withdrawal amount is only $1.

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