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AI identity platform combats ownership and deep fakes

The new AI identity platform Hollo.AI takes on key topics of transparency, ethical use and content

sovereignty in the age of rampant AI-generated deep fakes.

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has introduced new possibilities for human expression and

capabilities to create content. Simultaneously, the ability to do almost anything and to do so with a

digital AI-generated identity has caused new problems to troubleshoot.

According to data from Sumsub, deep fake fraud more than doubled from 2022 in the first quarter of

2023 from 0.2% to 2.6%, in the United States.

In recent months there have been multiple instances of celebrities like actors Tom Hanks and Jennifer

Aniston, and YouTube personality Mr. Beast calling out deep fakes that used their digital fakes to sell products.

However, a California-based studio announced the launch of a platform on Nov.

16, Hollo.AI, that allows users to claim their AI-identity or “persona,” along with a

personalized chatbot to monetize and verify their AI work.

Hollo.AI says that this “ethical use of AI” is made possible through blockchain technology verification.

Rex Wong, the CEO of the platform told Cointelegraph that creators and personalities will be

able to take “sovereign ownership” of their AI through the platform’s verified AI registry.